AYANOU Conforte Ericka Trinité Exaucée Gloria

Speaker - World Children's Day 2018

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Beninese and 15 years old, I am a student. I devote more energy in the question of childhood.

Indeed, I started very early on in the defense of the interests of my peers by representing them: To begin with my experiences as Head of Classrooms throughout my primary school ; then Delegate of students during the last five years. And I became children's Mayor of my Municipality in 2016.

At each level, I have brilliantly defended the interests of my peers. Especially as Mayor of the children’s municipality Council of my city, I was able to mobilize hundreds of children at the local level to become actors of our rights. This experience facilitated my election in 2017, at the head of the most prestigious network of children in Benin: ANACEB.

As a spokesperson for children in my country, I initiated and conducted training activities for my peers, advocacy with the authorities, taking care of vulnerable children and participation in decision-making bodies concerning us.

I have in my actions, the edition this year, of the first advocacy book written by children from all over Benin. And nowadays, I initiated on social networks, the "Im possible!’’ campaign. It continues to successfully mobilize actors in the child protection chain throughout Africa; this is to raise public awareness about "the real conditions of life of Children and their rights". All this allowed me to obtain awards and distinctions both nationally and internationally.

My ambition is to mobilize my peers in Africa and around the world for networking for protection and well-being of children.

Topic: Children's participation in local life: Benin's experience in capitalizing

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